Fusion 360 and Eagle Design


It has happened..Autodesk has taken Fusion 360 to the next step and incorporated Autodesk Eagle straight in.  What does this mean for you?  It means that you have more tools in your possession to complete projects.  Projects that have Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design.

Just in case you didn’t know, just about everything electronic in this day and age has probably got a PCB.  Your phone, your watch, your TV your car….EVERYTHING!!!

The great part about this merge is exactly that…the MERGE.  Now your designs are even more tightly integrated and that gives another advantage through to Autodesk.

One of the biggest time wasters (if I may call it that) is having to wait for a design you have created to get back to you from your colleague who is working on the PCB.   A week or 2 later and he has created a whole new ecosystem that you have to tweak and redesign around.  With this integration of Fusion 360 and Eagle that wait is no longer.    You do your enclosure design, while they are doing the PCB or you are doing everything yourself and immediately when you bring the 2 together the synergy of the 2 software packages gives that instantaneously updated visualization.  Want to see if the PCB components are clashing, well….use the clash detection utility.

Make a change in the 2D schematics of the PCB and it updates the 3D components which in turn will immediately show in your enclosure design.  A change in one is a change in all.

Well done Autodesk and the Fusion 360 team.  Another great win for designers everywhere.