Fusion 360 Blog


Autodesk has bundled Fusion 360 into Product Design Suite Premium and Ultimate as a subscription benefit. As some of you know this project has been on the go for a while and will continue for a while with user input as the main driver. Some of you will also recognise the Fusion name from Inventor Fusion which was bundled into Product Design Suite and the Inventor Suite’s many moons ago.

Autodesk has recently included some CAM functionality into Fusion 360 Ultimate. This is exciting if you have that need because you will have it at your finger tips without having to buy an additional CAM package.

In earlier versions of Fusion 360 it was very difficult to load existing designs that you had created in other packages like Inventor and AutoCAD. It had to be uploaded into your A360 account/Hub and then opened up into Fusion 360. Not anymore.

We now have the functionality to open parts directly from your local drive and not just from the cloud.

Now you can export from your CAD package as an IGES,SAT or STEP file and import it straight into Fusion 360.

fushion 360 - 01

fushion 360 - 02

This CAM functionality is derived from the HSMWorks technology that was acquired by Autodesk a few years back.

Once you have your part in Fusion 360 you will change to the CAM environment.

fushion 360 - 03

fushion 360 - 04

Above you can see the different commands you have at your finger tips. We have 2D and 3D functionality, Drilling and Turning Commands.   Then you are also able to simulate the toolpaths and stock material removal as well as writing out the post processor NC code.