Fusion 360 Collaboration


Collaborating and sharing in Fusion 360 is an absolute pleasure.  As everything resides in the cloud it is very quick and easy to share and collaborate anywhere in the world.  Fusion 360 projects files and folders are stored in your A360 account and you can make those projects available to anyone you wish just by inviting them with their email address.

The person being invited does need an Autodesk account.   In the email that they receive they will be prompted to create that account.



Once they select Access Project it take you to this screen where you will fill in your details and a password and then you will have access to the project that you have been invited to.



You can control what kind of access the user has.  Are they able to download or not.  Do they have access to edit or do they just have access to view.

The files that you upload through Fusion 360 does not necessarily have to be fusion files.  You can upload office files, emails, pictures.  Just about any file that you can think of.  If you upload any of these files in the below picture then Fusion 360 will convert them into files that you will be able to use and edit natively in Fusion 360.


To upload files you can either select the Select Files button or drag and drop the files onto the Dra and Drop here button.


Once you select Upload, it will upload and convert the files to be useable in Fusion 360.  You can continue working while this is happening and you will be notified when the upload and conversion is done.