Fusion 360 Extensions


Autodesk Fusion 360  has advanced itself in a way that has left many a person speechless.  The trajectory it has taken both in user uptake and inclusion of some mind blowing technology has been nothing short of amazing. It is an all in one platform which incorporates everything you could ever want in a CAD/CAM package with some excellent management tools which function in the cloud for some seamless globe trotting collaboration.

For those that are in need for more advanced functionality but do not need to utilise it all the time, Autodesk introduced the Fusion 360 Extensions.  These Extensions add onto the already capable base software to elevate the already impressive offering that Fusion 360 has to offer.

The Machining Extension – This provides even more manufacturing capabilities.  This Extension is built off the technology that you would find in Powermill. You are able to access even more 3- and 5-axis strategies, tool path optimisations and more process automation.

Nesting & Fabrication Extension –  This Extension was in beta for a while and is built off the Trunest software.  Inventor has some of this funtionality but as I can see it Autodesk will be enhancing the Extension offering as the place to go for some truly advanced nesting in the near future.

Generative Design Extension – this one is my personal favourite.  The ability to generate thousands of different designs with the click of a  button! AMAZING!

Additive Build Extension -Built using the NETFABB software, this allows you to get into additive manufacturing using metal.

With all these Extensions being derived from some of the best software that Autodesk owns at a fraction of the price.  Why have you not started to utilise the Extensions sooner?

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