Fusion 360 – Hole Feature


Transitioning from Inventor to Fusion 360 is a very easy affair. Autodesk has made it all very similar yet not too similar (there might be a few commands that you still need to hunt for).

You will locate the command by selecting the drop-down arrow on the modify panel.

Once the dialog box has opened it will prompt for the placement of the hole.  You can either place a hole on a surface and then select either a cylindrical reference/2 edges or you can select sketch points to place your hole(s) on.

In the shape settings we have the following:

  • Extents – this is the manner in which the hole terminates.  The user can specify whether the terminates at a distance set by him/her or does it terminate at a plane that you specify or does it cut through the entire body.
  • Hole – The user can specify whether the hole is drilled, counterbore or countersink.
  • Hole Tape Type – The user can specify if the hole being created is a simple, clearance, tapped or taper tapped hole type.
  • Drill Point – The user can set if the hole has a flat bottom or an angled tip at the bottom.

Below the Shape Settings is a graph that shows inputs for the different choices you make with the hole.  For example, if you specify that you want a tapped hole you will notice that you get options to specify thread type as well as size and designation.  This is all in line for when you create a thread using the thread command in Fusion 360.  As in the thread command, you can also specify that Fusion 360 models up the thread instead of it being cosmetic.