Fusion 360 – Joint Tips


Fusion 360 has a very powerful joint system,

It is mostly very intuitive but there are a few tips I would like to share in this blog,

That may help relieve a few frustrations when placing or using them.


Firstly, we want to make sure the origin is correctly orientated.

Make sure that the circle is sharing the same plane as what you intended.

If circle plane is off, it will rotate the part around in unexpected ways.




































If you are battling to snap to an origin point to the location you want,

The trick is to hover over the face or edge you are trying to snap onto,

Using the Ctrl Key, you can jump between the different points, left click to accept that point.



















Another very useful tool is the Joint Origin command,

This allows us to preset up the location, Orientation and offset of a Joint Origin,

We can then take advantage of the preset up Joint Origin to accelerate our workflow,

By removing the uncertainty and time it takes in locating the joint origin.

It may take a bit of time doing this in the beginning but I pays off in the end.


















Ridged group is an often under used tool that can be very useful for creating quick groups,

That locked together, this way they won’t change position relative to each other,

it is far fast than manually defining each item relative position and manually tweaking the Joint Origin to be correct,

when you have tens of parts like this, it is extremely useful.