Fusion 360 – Nesting is on it’s way…


WOW!!! Autodesk Fusion 360 has grown in leaps and bounds. The Fusion 360 team adds new and enhanced functionality it seems every month.

In the latest Fusion 360 roadmap update I finally read what a lot of you are thinking and biting at the bit to receive with your Fusion 360 software.  Nesting.  Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems that the time is nearly upon us and I for one am excited with this new development.

The process at the moment is completely manual, with one user developing an addon for this but it is not robust to take on complicated nesting matters.

If you have been privy to this,you have to export the 2D dxf and then copy it back into your environment and then make copies and move and and and… not fun at all.  You acquired Fusion 360 to have fun, be quick so that you can get to your round of golf early.

Nesting has been a highlighted request for many months now and finally, we have  a glimpse of what it entails.  It looks like the nesting will be activated sheet metal only at this point so all your flat parts that you create if you are doing something like flat (not bent up) plats for example will have to be sheet metal enabled from the start.    The sheet metal components will flow seamlessly into the nesting environment and from there you can flow into your CAM environment and lasercut, plasmacut or waterjet your way to happy 2D shapes.

The efficiency does not stop there.   If you make a change that modification will get progated all the way through back to the CAM.  Shortening your work day and paving your way back to the golf course.

You will also be able to export the nested components to DXF for further downstream use if needed.


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