Fusion 360 – Sheet metal


The Autodesk Fusion 360 development team have teased the community over the last few months with the intention that they would be introducing sheet metal into Fusion 360. There was a limited preview for users and some YouTube videos, which really got me chomping at the bit. Ever since I saw the YouTube videos I have religiously checked the updates for when the sheet metal environment would be available and it is finally here!!!!

I have never seen a sheet metal module behave the way that it does in any CAD package for ease of use.

To access the sheet metal functionality activate the sheet metal workspace.

Fusion 360 - Sheet metal

You will notice that they have included a flange command which depending on the type of profile you have will determine what gets created.

For a closed profile, the flange command will create a face. With the flange command still activated you are also able to select edges to create a flange and control it either by the use of the grips or the dialog box.