Fusion 360 – Simplify FEA Model


When creating a Simulation study in Fusion 360 or any FEA (finite element analysis) package you have to consider the time taken to complete the study versus accuracy of the results.  The study is calculated using a mesh and the more mesh elements you have the longer the study will take.

One of the tricks you can use when meshing an object is to have bigger mesh elements in areas that you know are non critical and then refine the mesh in critical areas of high stress.

Another useful trick to try is to simplify the model.  By simplifying a model you give the study fewer features to work with but the result will still have a similar output as to when you had those features – and it takes less time to calculate the results.  That is always a win in the FEA world.

So what features can you simplify or should I say what features do you want to simplify.

Chamfers and fillets can be removed if it is an area which is not critical to the design. In stating that, chamfers and fillets are used to relieve the stress in a design.

Holes are also something that can be ignored in a simulation. Holes that are smaller than a certain size in the design and do not contribute to the simulation can be deleted.

To ease the deleting of holes, chamfers and fillets, Fusion 360 can automatically remove those features on the simplify tab.

By selecting delete features the following pops up.

And the results can be seen below.