Fusion 360 Thread


Fusion 360 allows you to create thread on cylindrical geometry.  To access the command click on the drop down arrow on the Create panel and navigate down to Thread.

The dialog is simple and clean and like in most of Autodesk palettes shows only what is necessary.  Hiding command lines which are not needed with the options that you have chosen.

First off we select the surface that you will be applying the thread too.  This can be a full or partial cylindrical surface.

Now we can configure the thread.  After selecting the surface you will notice a blue arrow that allows you to manipulate the size of the object and with it the size of the thread as well.

The following thread options are available for modification.

Full Length – threads the entire surface and if unchecked a portion of the surface.

If unchecked you have the option to offset the start of the thread from an edge as well as how long that thread will be.

Thread – As you can see in the image below you have a wide variety of threads that come straight out of the box with Fusion 360.

Size –  As a default Fusion 360 will read the size of the cylindrical surface you are selecting and choose the most appropriate size thread to apply to it.

Designation – This is the designation of the thread eg M20 x 1 or M20 x 1.5.

Class – Specify the class of the thread.

Direction – Specify if it is right hand or left-hand thread.

A very useful feature is the Remember Size checkbox at the bottom.  This is a very helpful tool if you have a lot of bodies you need to apply thread to and all yo want to do is click on surface and click OK.

Lastly, if you so wish you can have the thread modeled up realistically in the model instead of having a cosmetic thread.