Fusion 360 Uploading CAD files


Once you have uploaded the files for the upload and conversion, the Job Status dialog box pops up.  There are 2 parts to it.  Uploads, which is all the files that you are uploading as well as Simulations.  In the Job status you will also be able to see the status of the Uploads as well as take the action to cancel the upload if you so wish.



Once the upload is done you will see the assembly that you uploaded and only 1 file and not 3 files in your project folder.  This is because Fusion 360 works in 1 file just like as in AutoCAD.

Just a note: If you try and upload just the SLDASM file, which is the assembly file, without uploading the SLDPRT file, then you will be given an error stating that the part files are missing.


While you are uploading it will say that the part or assembly is not available.


If you select the I in the bottom right hand corner it will give you info on the part or assembly that you uploaded or created in Fusion 360.  It will tell you when it was updated and what version you are currently on.  Every time you save it will update to the next version. Ie v2, v3 and it will also tell you who updated it to that version.  This is very helpful when you need to track down who did what and what changed.  It will also tell you which folder and project the file is saved in as well as give an option to view the model through A360 on the web.