General Upgrade of Inventor – Migrating Files Part 1


I am doing some upgrades from some older (more than 3 versions back) Inventor’s and I would like to document some of the necessary steps that need to be taken when doing this installation.

Firstly it is not just a case of install new software and then start opening up your old files. You need to migrate them and you need to do it in steps of 2 to 3 versions. Preferably 2 if you are coming from a very old version of Inventor. The reason for this is as Inventor has progressed over the years, it has changed quite a bit in the way that it operates and so if you do too big of a jump it can “hurt” your files and sometimes even not migrate at all.

Also you need to remember that there was a change in the way that the styles and standards operates between 2012 and 2013 software and those styles needed to be migrated as well.

Migrating these Inventor files is made easy using the Task Scheduler. This is found under the start button, all programs, Autodesk, Inventor (version Number eg 2016), Tools and then Task scheduler.

Upgrading Inventor - Migrating Files - 01


The Task scheduler will allow us to automate the migrating of many files at once as well as many other tasks related to Inventor and Vault.

Upgrading Inventor - Migrating Files - 02

To create a task to migrate all the files we click on Create Task or Right Click anywhere on the space in the top right space and then click on the task that we would like to create.

Upgrading Inventor - Migrating Files - 03

Upgrading Inventor - Migrating Files - 04