General Upgrade of Inventor – Migrating Files Part 2


It is easy to Migrate files in Inventor and you are able to manage this with the task scheduler.

To get started click on Create Task, Migrate Files…

Upgrading Inventor Without the Vault 01

Upgrading Inventor Without the Vault 02

You have a few options here in Inventor.

The top left hand corner is for what project settings you will have while migrating the files.

You can migrate straight from the Vault.

Upgrading Inventor Without the Vault 03

  • The button on the left is for adding individual file or files.
  • The button in the middle is for adding folders of files
  • The button on the right is for adding an entire project to migrate

The space in the middle will tell you what files, folders and projects you are migrating. You can setup that more than one file, folder and/or projects are migrated at once.

Below in Task Properties you will specify the name of the task. I would suggest doing something quite descriptive so you know what files are being migrated. There is a button for start the task immediately as well as how frequently you would like to run this task.

Upgrading Inventor Without the Vault 04

You can run this task just the once, Daily, Weekly or even Monthly.

Upgrading Inventor Without the Vault 05

You can specify a start time as well as a start date as well as have a time out in the operation which can be a combination of hours and minutes.

In the options at the bottom you get the following options.

  • Total Rebuild
  • Skip Migrated Files
  • Skip Files with Unresolved References
  • Include Assembly Graphics for Express Mode
  • Set Defer Update on Drawings
  • Make all Raster drawing views Precise
  • Update Local Materials and Appearances

To save on space you can also Purge Old Versions as well as compact the model history