General Upgrade of Inventor Content Centre Migration – Part 3


A few things to note when doing any upgrades of Inventor and migrating files is that it will take time, so prepare your upgrade accordingly. Schedule to do the migrations first so that while it is doing that (preferably on a separate machine) you can then start the installations. Currently the installations are being done from a Product Design Suite (either Premium or Ultimate) and depending on what software you choose to install (just AutoCAD and Inventor or all the software that comes in the bundle) it can take up to an hour to do the installation on each workstation. It is also a good idea to setup a deployment of the software for easy installations if you get any new PC’s in later.   After installations and the migrations, one of the operations you will need to do is the custom content centre migrations.

Custom Content Centre migration:

If you have custom content centre parts then you will need to update the database first before you are able to use the content. To do this you will go to your projects and select configure content centre libraries

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 01

If any content centre databases need to be updated then you will see a yellow exclamation mark next to the library.

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 02

Select the update button in the bottom right hand corner

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 03

If you get the following error it is because you have a project selected that is not the current one.

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 04

Click on OK and then click on ok on the content centre configure dialog box.

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 05

Select Apply on the Projects dialog box.

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 06

Click on the configure content centre libraries button and click on the update tool. Before clicking on the update tool check that the tick box next to the library is checked, if not select it and then click on save on your projects dialog box. Once this is done go to the update tool.

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 07

The following dialog boxes come up. This s the welcome screen for the update tool.

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 08

The next screen tells you what libraries are going to be migrated.

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 09

The update tool will then analyse what needs to be done to migrate the library.

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 10

After clicking next it will start the update. This could take some time depending on how big the library is.

Upgrading Inventor Without Vault 11

Once this is done you are now ready to use your content centre library.