Getting started on AutoCAD for MAC – Part 2


So what is Plan B.  It consists of lots and lots of Youtube videos.  Yes you got it Youtube.  You will find a wealth of information with regards to Autodesk products and getting trained up on it.  So I searched for AutoCAD for MAC and I started off with the AutoCAD 2015 Tutorial series of videos.  This helped me to a degree but as they say when learning anything it is good to be able to listen and see but to really get it you need to try it as well.  So for the interface I switched over to the good old classic view (not available in AutoCAD 2017) so I had to install 2016.  So armed with my knowledge of shortcut keys and my new found appreciation of the old interface I embarked on a journey that would open my eyes to the old days when there was not as much functionality in AutoCAD as there is today.

So I started teaching my students in the essentials.  They grasped the concepts quite quickly as they were a smart bunch of guys and girls and then I started having to use terms like…so that is what AutoCAD for MAC can do and if you were on AutoCAD for PC you could do just a little bit extra.  Yes unfortunately AutoCAD for MAC still has a little bit of catchup to do when it comes to that just additional piece of power or advantage that you get out of an AutoCAD command.

So what is the additional commands?

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