How to Access Inventor Nesting

The Inventor Nesting utility is not installed by default unlike the Tube and Pipe and Mold module.  This has to be downloaded and installed separately.  The download is accessed either from your Autodesk account or alternatively from the Autodesk Virtual  Agent.

When opening your Assembly with your components for nesting, as with previous add ins you would have a tab at the top named after that module.  This is not the case with nesting.

To access the nesting commands you can do the following.

  • With the assembly file open, right click on the name of the assembly in the browser and select Create Nest

  • With the Home tab activated, the Nesting tab is available for you to crate a new Nesting file

  • The third option is to select Start New file and click on the Standard.inest option

A message will display connecting the current materials with the nesting process with a second dialog box presenting the following three options.

  • Create new Template
  • Add to the open document
  • Add to an existing nesting document saved on the local or network drive


A few of the materials might not be in sync with the nesting process materials.  Inventor will make a few suggestions as per the below image.

Selecting either Yes to take Inventor’s suggestion or No to create a link manually between the existing Inventor material and the Nesting material.

The Nesting ribbon will now appear and you are ready to begin your journey in to the world of Autodesk Inventor nesting.





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