How to create a Shared View for Autodesk Viewer


Sharing a view can be done from a number of platforms.  The first one is to drag and drop the file that you want onto the web browser or browse through your folders on the workstation or server through the browser.

Inventor and AutoCAD are also able to upload from within the CAD application to the Autodesk Viewer.  This makes it great for sharing and commenting all from one convenient place.  Your design space.

To access the shared views from Inventor click on the Collaborate tab on the Share panel, select the Shared View button.  The shared view panel opens up.

For AutoCAD you will find the Shared Views under the Collaborate tab in the Shared panel.

When you create a new Shared View, a dialog box opens which allows you to change the name of the view as well as Hide the component names and properties.

When you create a new Shared View from AutoCAD it allows you to share either the current model space or model space as well as all the layouts.  You also have the option to share the properties as well as only export the 2D views.

 Once you have successfully uploaded the Shared View it will give you the option to view in the browser or copy the link so that it can be emailed to a colleague for further review.

Because it is all in one location in the cloud you are able to synch the Shared views between AutoCAD, Inventor and the website making collaboration with the design team even more efficient.