How to insert your Company Title Block for Isometrics in AutoCAD Plant 3D


As in all customisation and setup you need to have your own title blocks and borders on all your printed drawings. When you setup your title block in AutoCAD Plant for your iso’s it is a little different to the way you do it in vanilla AutoCAD but not that different.
To start, right click on the name of the project in the browser and click on properties. Expand Isometric DWG settings and select Title Block and Display. To edit the title block we will click on Setup Title Block.

This does a few things.
1. It opens up a tab on the ribbon called Title Block Setup
2. It opens up a drawing called iso.dwt
3. It show us a block on screen with a green and blue rectangle

To replace the current title block with your own you need to first delete the title block that you see in iso.dwt. Then you need to activate the purge command and purge the block called title block.


Once this has been done, copy your company Title Block into the iso.dwt that is open. If it is not a block then you need to block it. Name the Block you create Title Block. Move the bottom left hand corner of title block to the origin (0,0). By the using the tools in the Title Block setup ribbon you can configure where you want the draw and no draw areas to be, Bill of Materials, Cut Piece, Weld List, Spool List and how you would like the table formats to display. You can also place your North Arrow and place attributes into your Title Block.

Once this is done, click on Return to Project Seup. This saves the iso.dwt file and you are now setup to start your iso’s with your own title block.