iLogic – not so difficult


When you purchased Inventor you were probably told about iLogic and the amazing things you can do with it.  Then you were told it involved coding of sorts and then you got cold feet.

I am here to tell you that getting into iLogic does not necessarily mean that you have to do or know coding.  It can also involve dragging and dropping items of your design and creating a menu (form) to drive your design.

To create a form open the iLogic property palette and select the Form tab.  Right click in the palette and then select Add Form.

Guess what? You have started your first steps on iLogic..Easy wasn’t it!

Once the form is open you can start dragging parameters which you have setup to drive the model onto the form editor.

Renaming the form is as easy as selecting the current name, it will highlight and be available for editing. Once the Form Editor is populated with your Parameters, the Form preview will start to populate.

If you created a multi value parameter, then instead of having to type in different values you will have a drop down next to your value where you can change the sizes.

To create a multi value parameter is as easy as right clicking on your parameter and selecting Make Multi-Value.

Once the multi value dialog box is open, add your additional values and you are set.

Please note that if you edit the parameter and make it a multi value after creating the form, you will need to delete and reinsert the parameter for the form to behave as intended.