Importance of Updates for Autodesk software

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Autodesk CAD software is great but not perfect.  When Autodesk releases a new version there will inevitably be some bugs that escape testing. This can be from both alpha and beta as well as development testing,

This is why it is extremely important to check that your software is fully updated.  I have seen countless times where just updating the software to the latest version/update that will eliminate the issue that users were having.  In previous version of Autodesk software one would have to go and hunt the update or service pack on different websites and then download and install.  Sometimes you found it sometimes you missed a previous update that the latest one was reliant on.  It truly was a mission.

Cut to the present and Autodesk has made it possible through 2 different methods.  The one is your Autodesk account where you can see what software packages and also the versions of that software are available as well as any updates or language packs.

The second option on is the Autodesk Desktop App.  You will find the app in the tray in the bottom right corner of your Windows toolbar.  This app initially helps to license all the Autodesk software that you have installed on your PC (if you have been assigned a license).  What it also does is it tracks what updates are available to you when they get released. This allows you to be more proactive when it comes to updates, as if you are checking the app regularly you will be able to install the software as soon as it gets released.