Importing AutoCAD into Inventor


One of the strong selling points for Inventor when it was released was it’s seamless integration with 2D AutoCAD files.  This was due to he fact that AutoCAD was an Autodesk product and so was Inventor.

The first attempt that Autodesk made was through the import wizard.  This allows the user to select which layers will be imported as well as whether you can bring in 3D objects s well as flatten any 3D lines that are present in the AutoCAD dwg.

Then the magic bullet.  Control C and then Control V.  Yes that easy.  You open the file in AutoCAD and open a part file in Inventor.  Using the short cut keys for Windows you quickly bring in the AutoCAD geometry.

Just want to view AutoCAD without having AutoCAD installed. No problem.  Inventor allows you to open (not import) the drawing for viewing purposes.  Below you can see the options to also access the layouts if drawings have been created in paper space.

And finally the AnyCAD option.  Similar to the options to bring in geometry from the likes of Solidworks and other competitor software, AutoCAD is imported and maintains a link to the original file.  Therefore if you change the original DWG it will update in Inventor.

To AnyCAD the DWG into Inventor the following process needs to be followed.

  • Open Inventor assembly
  • Select place component
  • Navigate to the AutoCAD dwg file
  • Select the plane to insert the drawing on
  • select the base point (one needs to be available or just use the origin point)
  • Once placed you can see how the changes are made by changing the autocad file and saving
  • Open the assembly and you will notice the update button is active
  • select it and voila. Your dwg has changed