Installing Vault Data Standards



Keeping house and applying standards to a company can be a daunting task.  This is something the whole world over can attest to.  Having a big design team does make it extremely difficult to maintain your company standards when everyone has their own idea of what a standard should be.

So how do we combat this and keep everyone in check when using Inventor?

One way to do this is to use iLogic.  You can create rules that when run will open a form where you need to fill in certain data (eg stock number, part number etc).

If you have Vault Professional there is a piece of software that you might not be aware of: Vault Data Standards.  It is found with the install files for Vault Professional Client.

Run the installation files and select Install Tools & Utilities.

You will notice in the above images that the Data Standards apply not only to Vault but also AutoCAD and Inventor.

In the below images you will notice that a new tab Data Standard tab has been added to the ribbon for both Inventor and AutoCAD.

Selecting the datasheet brings up the following dialog box.

As you can see certain property information needs to be input.  If these fields are not attended to you will start getting messages informing you to complete the operation.

This form that we are seeing is the default after installing the Vault Data Standards with no customisation.  You can add properties and custom properties to suit the standards of your own company as you see fit.