Inventor 2018 – New measurement tools

Measuring in Inventor as always been a bit of a pain, what with having different buttons for each type of measurement you wanted to do.   They have now streamlined that (thanks to the ideastation) and there is only 1 button.  Yes folks 1 button.

First thing you will notice it looks very similar to the way that the new browser has been designed.  The plus button next to the measure tab allows you to activate the ilogic browser as well.  So in fact this is the new browser.

Above you can see that I have selected the face of the cylinder and it has given me an abundance of information.  Much more than in previous releases.

When selecting another face more information is added.  This time information on the second face that I selected plus information about the measurements between the 2 elements.  Aove you can see I have a minimum distance which is always very useful.

At the bottom of the measurement browser you are able to quickly change the precision of your units by selecting the drop down arrow for both linear and angular.

Above you will see that you are also able to view dual dimensions, even going down to a measurement of a micron.

In the assembly environment you have additional buttons at the top which allow you to do a selection priority.  So you can prioritize that you only select parts, features or faces and edges.

Well done Autodesk, you really have upped your game and done a fabulous job.

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