Inventor 2019.2 – More enhancements


The Frame Generator got some sweet loving in the Inventor  2019.2 release.  One of the major enhancements was the ability to customise the naming convention of the skeleton file, the assembly file as well as the files of the frame members.

This has been covered in a previous blog of mine.

When using the Miter command in previous releases it was a bit of a painstaking endeavour.  One was only able to select one mitre at a time and if you had to do 4 mitres it would be 12 clicks (including the apply button).

2019.2 introduced the ability to select multiple frames to perform more than one mitre in a single operation. The notch function has also added the ability to use the multi-select function.

Additional enhancements for the Frame Generator is the ability to individually modify the frame members that have been reused.  Previously you were not able to edit the attributes of these components and now you are able to.

Have you ever had the history browser go bye bye. Disappear. Now what? You try and remember where to go to get it back but you can’t so you end up clicking through every single tab and every single dropdown to find it. WASTE OF TIME!!!!!

In the 2019.2 updates if the browser has disappeared, do not worry. In its place is a little plus sign which if selected will give you the options to open up the following browsers making the user interface more user-friendly and efficient.

  • Model
  • iLogic
  • iLogic Log
  • Favourites