Inventor 2020 Property Pallettes – Frame Generator


The Frame Generator in Inventor 2020 has also undergone the transition to property panels.

Miter Command

The preset in the property panels really helps with speeding up the creation of features.  These templates are saved between drawing sessions so once it is created it stays put.

In the selection area you will notice that 3 frame members are selected.   This is a real time saver as the 2019 selection set of 2 at a time really got on my nerves.  Thank you for this Autodesk.

Notch Command

The property palette for notch looks like the above.  The selection area allows for the selction of the frames to notch and then the frame that will act as the notch tool.

The Notch profile can be generated from the intersection of the 2 frames or from a custom profile which you have created and saved as a template.

In the behaviour section you also have the option to have perpendicular cut when notching as well as specifying a gap distance for operations like weldments.

Lengthen/Shorten Command

The lengthen/shorten command has also received the new palette and if you have familiarity in the use of the 2 previous commands you will be able to transition to this palette with ease.

In the behaviour section you have 4 options for your offset with asymmetrical being added to the command.  The frame previews as you switch between the 4 types of offset so visually it is very informative.  What I would like to see is some in-canvas controls similar to the insertion of frames when you begin the process.