Inventor 2022 – Assemblies


One of the new features that Inventor 2022 has incorporated into the assembly environment is the ability to identify if a component in an assembly is fully constrained, under constrained or if it’s status is unknown.

If it is fully constrained Inventor will showcase a black dot next to the part in the browser.

If it is under constrained Inventor will showcase a hollow dot.  To troubleshoot why it is under constrained, open the edit constraint dialog box to identify any issues.

If the status of the constraint is unknown Inventor will indicate a dash next to the part in the browser.  To resolve this state you will need to rebuild the assembly.  To access this command you can go to the Manage tab – Update Panel and select rebuild all.

If you have a very large list of parts in your browser and you need to specifically look for under constrained and unknown constrained parts in your assembly, you have the option to hide any fully constrained components by selecting the 3 horizontal bars on the top right of the browser.  It will show a list where you can select Hide Fully Constrained.  This will hide all your fully constrained parts and you will then be able to fix up your assembly constraints.

The Show constraint state in browser is also an option on the menu mentioned above.

The show constraint state in browser setting is also available by going to Tools – Manage – Document Settings and clicking on the modelling tab.   This option is on by default.