Inventor 2022 – Inventor to Fusion 360


Autodesk Inventor 2021 and below has had the ability to communicate designs with Fusion 360 by using the AnyCAD technology.  There was a bit of work getting it into Fusion 360 as you had to either copy the file into your Fusion Team by uploading straight in your internet browser, uploading it from within Fusion 360 or copying it to where your files are syncing on your desktop.

With Inventor 2022 the ability to share data between the 2 software packages is as easy as clicking a button from within Inventor.

On the environment tab you now have access to a Send to Fusion button.

After selecting the Send to Fusion button the Fusion interoperability panel will open.  This starts the wizard to send you rfile to Fusion Teams to allow you to create your manufacturing process, generative design options or simulation workflows if you do not have access to Inventor Nastran

Selecting continue will then scan your profile to see what Teams you are a part of and in turn what projects in each Team you have access to you.

Once you have selected the Team, Project and folder you would like to save to you can upload the new file.

The file is now present in your Fusion Teams folder (also synced to your desktop app) and accessible from Fusion 360.

In the below image you will see we have been able to open the part directly into Fusion 360 with minimal effort on our part.

Just another way that Autodesk is making our workflows (and lives) easier.