Inventor and AutoCAD DWG

Autodesk is very good when it comes to sharing information between their different software platforms.  Whether it be between Fusion 360 and Inventor or Inventor and Revit or even AutoCAD and Inventor.

One of the workflows which is very underrated is the Inventor and AutoCAD workflow. A couple of releases ago Inventor decided that it would be able to produce not only the .idw file format but also the .dwg file format natively.  This Inventor .dwg is special in that it allows AutoCAD to open and add additional details to the .dwg and then relay that information back to Inventor. This workflow is especially handy when purchasing software as you do not want to hand over an expensive CAD package that will only be used for detailing to your draftsmen.  Let it be known that you are not providing the draftsmen an inferior package.  AutoCAD is the best 2D detailing package in the world and by teaming it with one of the best 3D CAD systems in the world you really have a winner.

I did mention that you could add details, but you cannot modify any of the details that you see when opening in AutoCAD.  This is because it is a read only file as the workflow should be all changes to the model gets made in Inventor but then detailing work can be done in AutoCAD.

If you do need to modify the geometry in AutoCAD then there is an option to save as or export to an AutoCAD dwg.  A wizard is available for controlling how you export the geometry which can control the mapping of the data (linetypes,colours,layers etc) from Inventor to AutoCAD.

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