AutoCAD Electrical and Inventor – Part 3


To utilise the link between the 2 packages the Electrical Catalog Browser for Inventor needs to be installed. The utility includes the Catalog Browser interface, the link to the AutoCAD Electrical database, and a sample set of 3D electrical parts.

After linking Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical, the next steps are to start your design and tell the software which components in Inventor are the counterparts of the AutoCAD Electrical components.

Selecting the Location View button on the Electromechanical tab brings up the following.

The location view shows the components that have been inserted both in Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical.  At the top of the list you will notice that there are question marks.  This quickly tells the user that a location and installation has not been assigned to the components.   The second list has Electricab and Cabinet.  This is the installation and location of the components.

There are 2 filter options available.  The first one is to filter out the installation and location of components.  The second filter allows filtering of only inventor parts that are present in the software.  You can also filter by only electrical symbols that are present.  Then there is also a filter for parts that have been linked to each other and also parts where there is a discrepancy in the data sitting in the 2 software packages.

The Sync Settings button will enable running the sync either every time you save or running a manual sync.  The manual sync is in the bottom left corner of the location view browser.

The Display Details and Connections button will show information that has been associated with either the inventor part or the Electrical symbol.