Inventor Cable & Harness – create a wire


Once the design is at a stage that you would like to bring the electrical wiring and components in, you can look at starting the integration. Autodesk Inventor installs all the modules from the get go so what is needed to get to Cable & Harness?  not much…

To start off on your Inventor cable & harness journey you need to access the tool on the Environments tab.

Once activated you are asked to supply a name for the sub assembly as well as the save location.

To create a wire navigate to the Create tab and select Create wire.

In the Create Wire dialog box you will specify 2 points, the beginning and end of your wire.  This might run through parts which is okay.  You will specify the routing later.

For each wire, specify the your wire ID which is important for identification downstream.

Selecting the category allows you to choose Alpha, Belden, Generic, GXL or Striped wires.  With this specified you are able to choose the wire name as well. (see second image below.)

Selecting the properties button brings up the following dialog box. The properties displayed will have the following.

  • Name
  • Part Number
  • Category (specified before)
  • Appearance (what is the colour of the wire)  This can be important when putting the design together or when doing maintenance.

Then you have the physical properties of the wire as well, the diameter, as well as the gauge of the wire.

In the custom tab you will have any custom properties (iproperties) that have been assigned to that wire in the library.

Pretty simple!  Next up is creating the routing to guide the wires in the design.