Inventor Cable & Harness Intro


Inventor has many modules which are not utilized as much as they should.  One of these is the Cable& Harness module.  This module allows the software to simulate the routing of wires and in turn those wires to be bundled into cables.

When designing your product 10:1 you will need to include some electrical design of some sort.  If you are doing the mechanical design and your colleague is doing the electrical design , there is usually no overlap or design collaboration in real time and the only time you see exactly how the 2 designs interact with each other together is when it has been physically built ready to be shipped off to the client or in  a prototype phase (if there is even one)

This is not ideal as trying to rectify any problems may be very costly.

With the Cable & Harness module you can get the best of both worlds.  Being able to fit your electrical components as well as routing your wiring can have the benefit of having sufficient space inside the design (overheating) as well as having a a very good ballpark figure for how much wire and cable needs to be purchased.  The amount of wire and cable needed for a design is nearly impossible from a 2D schematic and is usually ordered from memory and experience.

Ordering too much wire and cable also ends up running up the cost of the design and eating into the profit.

The Cable & Harness module is included with every Inventor sold so if you have the need go check it out.