Inventor Cable & Harness – Routing wires


In Inventor Cable & Harness module, you will create wires which will run straight from your start point to your end point.  This is not what happens in real life but in the CAD world this is the start point of something beautiful.

So how do we get the wires to follow the desired path?  by creating segments!

When you start creating the segment you do not need to specify a point.  If you hover over any flat or curved surface and select on that point, the start of the segment will be created at the default value of 2.54 mm (1 inch)

To change that value, right click and select edit offset.

After creating your first segment you have the following options when right clicking on the center line of your segment.

  • Delete – deletes the segment you created
  • Add points – as this is essentially a spline you are creating, you are able to add more points for more control of the segment
  • Bend radius – when creating the cable, you can specify a minimum bend radius.  This option checks to see if that bend radius is being violated and if it is, then you have the option to clear or suppress the violation
  • Display as rendered – visual representation of the segment
  • Harness properties -this has important information such as the length of the segment, radius of the smallest bend as well as the diameter of the segment with all the wires in it.

Once the segment has been created you can either manually or automatically insert the wires into the segment that has been created.