Inventor – Design Views

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When working with Inventor parts one can create different representations to display the model as you see fit or as it needs to be displayed in different scenarios.  This can be done through the use of Design Views.

The model configurations that can be manipulated to be different in a Design Review can be seen in the below list.

  • Part color
  • Work feature (not origin features)
  • Sketch visibility
  • Camera position
  • Section views
  • Orientation
  • Zoom level

When a new part is created there will be a default Design View which is called Master.  To create a new Design View, right click on View in the Model browser and rename the view to what you need it to be.

Once the view is active(there is a tick next to it) you can start changing your model to to have your different Design View iterations.

To create a section view, select one of  Quarter, Half, Three Quarter section view and move the work planes to their respective places.

To change the colour of the model, change the appearance.

If you activate the master view you will see the model revert back to it’s initial state without the section and the color change.

As mentioned before you can additionally turn visibility on and off of work features as well as your sketches.

If you try and create a new feature like a fillet or a hole when a new Design View is activated, when you return to the Master View it will still be visible .  The ability to turn on and off features in different states would be utilized in a feature like model states which is now available in Inventor 2022.