Inventor – Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard


Life is full of changes and that applies to working with Inventor as well.  How many times has a client asked that the design be changed because it just didn’t look right or something else changed on their side.  This does not only apply to the modelling side but also the 2D drawing side.  One of these changes could be the title block, but how do we make these changes if you have already created your 2D drawings?  It could be the entire title block has changed with different different properties.  You really do not want to have to go into each one individually and make those changes.  It would be a massive drain on time and resources.

Inventor Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard assists with this challenge.

The next step in the transfer wizard is to select from existing borders, title blocks and sketched symbols from a source drawing, to replace the existing resources in your current working drawing.  A tip for this is to have the drawing resource names the same in the source and the target drawing.

This process is not flawless, as you can see in the note below any prompted text might be lost.  This is not too bad.  The main goal of this transfer wizard is to automate as many of the changes as possible.. Any manual changes after that would be minor in light of the fact it might have taken many more hours to complete this task.

The final dialog box of the resource transfer wizard will give a list of what tasks will be completed in this batch process.