Inventor or Fusion 360?


Inventor or Fusion 360?

So we were chatting in the office the other day and the topic came up on why would you use Inventor or Fusion 360 at a fraction of the price. I was always of the opinion that Fusion 360 was not for big production factories.  It was more for the hobbyist.  Inventor was where the big boys played.

Then I was asked the question but what is the functionality difference.  Fusion 360 has most of the functionality that Inventor has.  So why use Inventor or Fusion 360?

I started delving deeper.  You can do almost anything in Fusion 360 that Inventor can do and in some cases even more.  Look at the Free Form modelling that you get.  Look at the CAM that you get INSIDE of Fusion 360.   Below you will see that Fusion 360 has Thermal and Thermal Stress analysis which Inventor does not have.  You will have to use another piece of software.

 So my sales team said, well you get more so Fusion 360 is better right…No not quite.  A quick look on Autodesk website revealed the following table and description for the differences.


You want to know the difference between Inventor and Fusion 360.


Fusion 360 is similar, but differs from Inventor in several ways. Fusion 360 is a cloud-based product that is generally designed for smaller, less complex projects

Then I started thinking about how models in Inventor can be driven parametrically.  You can drive Inventor from an excel spreadsheet.  You even have ilogic.
So in conclusion, if you are a smallish company working on bespoke projects that are not too large in the amount of components that are in the assembly, Fusion 360 is right up your ally but if you are running a large organisation and need a robust system Inventor is the way to go.