Inventor Nastran – Viewing options


When working with Inventor Nastran, different objects gets displayed in the environment.  You have your geometry from the model that you initially created, you have the idealizations you created, the solid,surface or line element as well as your mesh element.

If you are looking at turning the visibility on/off on a large scale you have the option to turn off the following from the Display panel.

  • CAD Bodies
  • Midsurfaces
  • Offset Surfaces
  • All FEA Entities
  • Concentrated masses
  • Connectors
  • Constraints
  • Coordinate systems
  • Free edges
  • Loads
  • Matrial orientations
  • Mesh
  • Mesh Controls

You can turn off visibility of selected objects as well as exclude the parts or assemblies from the analysis.  this can be done by right clicking on the pat in the browser as per the below image.

If you turn off the visibility of the part it still takes part in the analysis that you are performing.  If you have already meshed the parts / idealizations the mesh is still visible.  This is also true for any constraints an loads you have already applied o your model.  You will have to turn those visibilities off from the display panel.

If you exclude the part or assembly from the analysis and not turn the visibility off then you will still see the part.

Inventor Nastran can also hide / show a certain part in the results if you are / are not interested in how it behaves.  This is done if you open the plot dialog box.  Select the Part View tab and then select the components that you would like to interrogate.