Inventor Nesting Utility – Product Design and Manufacturing Collections


Inventor Nesting utility was introduced in the 2019 bundle of products.  This was a great step forward in really beefing up the functionality between creating 2D profiles, whether they be 2D or have a 3D element to them and getting it cut in CAM.  Previously one would have to take your 2D shapes that were created and manually place and rotate and move them onto a stock sheet that you had outlined in AutoCAD to get the best configuration so you waste as little material as possible.

Inventor Nesting could be called the baby brother of TruNest, another software packaged that was purchased by Autodesk.  TruNest goes above and beyond what Inventor Nesting does (and costs an arm and a leg) but for 90 percent of the work that you would do, Inventor Nesting is the perfect solution.

Inventor Nesting Utility is only available when purchasing the Product Design and Manufacturing Collections package.  To access the download files you log into your Autodesk account or

Inventor is a separate file to your assembly file very similar to your presentation file. there is a link which updates the nesting files as the original files change.

The files that can be utilised in the nesting utility is the following

  • AutoCAD DWG
  • AutoCAD/Inventor DXF
  • Inventor Assemblies
  • Inventor Part file
    • Sheetmetal
    • Composite
    • Standard
    • Generic CAD/ AnyCAD

As you can see from the variety of files that are usable with Nesting it is both 2D and 3D files as well as files that have been created in other CAD packages like Solidworks and ProE, creating a CAD environment for yourself where you are not hamstrung by dealing with clients that use other software.