Inventor Presentation Camera and Timeline


You can manipulate the camera view very easily by capturing the camera at certain points on the timeline.  You move the timeline to where you want the camera to go to and then click on capture camera.

It will capture the camera and show how long it takes for the camera to move between views.  If you right click on the camera action in the timeline you have the following options.

You can edit the time that it takes to perform the camera action, stating when the start time is the end tie and the duration of the camera action.  The movement of the camera can either run over a time or it can be immediate.  Just click on the drop down next to duration and you will see the second option.

You are also able to quickly select all camera and tweak actions or groups before or after the time indicator and then quickly delete them or edit the action or camera.

You can also control the opacity of your parts.  This will change the the part either over a time period or immediately. The otions that you have with the camera is the same for the opacity.

After editing your storyboard you can publish it to either a raster image or pubish it to video.  The raster images can be a BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF file.  The video that is published will be either  AVI or WMV file.