Inventor – Sick constraints and rebuild all


When working in Inventor you will definitely have experienced sick constraints.  You apply a constraint and the little blue wheel starts to turn where you cursor is and then an error dialog box pops. up.  It tells you there are errors and asks if you want to edit, cancel or accept the changes you just made.

There have been no errors up to this point so you accept the command and go to the little glowing red cross at the top of the screen expecting only 1 error because you had none before this one.  Opening the red cross you see a list of errors that Inventor shows.

Something went terribly wrong and now you have 2 choices.  Move on with these errors or try and fix them.  What might be going on in your mind is that you have a deadline and you can sort out the issues later.

Letting these errors go might still allow you to go on with the design but you will lose time just waiting for the constraints to solve.  I suggest fix them.  What you might also experience is that it says there is an error but when you navigate to the assembly or part where the constraint is “sick” you find there is nothing wrong.  In this instance rebuild the model.  This command is found on the manage tab under the Update panel.

Not many designers know or use the rebuild tool but it is a good idea as anything that might have gone awry in Inventor’s eye but not yours will be fixed and you can happily finish your design with minimal fuss.

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