Inventor Spell Checker


How many of you have had those Grammarly ads pop up while you are trying to browse your YouTube videos and you thought I wish Inventor had a spell and grammar check.

Well if you did not know Inventor does have 1 of the 2…a spell check!

Firstly Inventor’s spell check is enabled as default.  To double check on this browse to your Tools Tab and select Application Options.  In the bottom left hand corner of your General Tab you will see that the spell check is on.  If you believe that you are an expert speller you can tick it off and take your chances.

Selecting the Spell Check Options button opens up the following dialog box.

  • Ignore capitalized words
  • Ignore words with mixed case
  • Ignore words with all the letters in uppercase
  • ignore words with numbers interspersed with the letters
  • Ignore words containing special characters

You also have the language dictionary that you would like to utilise.   I prefer English (United Kingdom) to English (United States).

You can also add Custom Dictionary Files (.cus file extension).

So now that we know where the options for what we can spell check for where does this all take place.

  • Text in sketches for parts

  • Text in 2D drawings

  • Text in iProperties

As you can see the words that are not being spelled correctly are being underlined in red.  As in all spell-check systems to rectify the word either change it and spell it correctly or right click on the word and it will give alternative options as per the below graphic.