Inventor Studio Camera




You can create a camera using the same procedure as when you create lights.   You have your target (where the camera is looking at) and then the position (where the camera is situated).

There are 2 different types of projections.  Orthographic (where the lines are projected parallel to each other as they disappear in the distance) and Perspective (where the lines seem to converge as they disappear into the distance).

You can change the Roll Angle of the camera.  That operates between -180 and 180 degrees.

By clicking on the Link to View button, the view changes to a first person view.  You see what the camera sees.

You can change the Zoom of the camera as well.  This is the angle that the camera looks out at from its position.

A nice addition is Depth of Field.  This allows you to have sharpness in your rendering between 2 defined distances/planes from the camera.  Anything outside those 2 defined distances will gradually lose sharpness or focus as it gets further away from the 2 defined planes.

Once you have created your camera you can animate the camera.  You can specify the end time or duration of the camera animation.


Defining the camera allows you to select a target and position.  You can have the target/position either fixed on a point, floating where the camera and target move as one or path where the target/position will follow a sketch that you have created.

You can also animate the camera as a turntable event.