Inventor Styles and Standards


Inventor uses Styles and Standards to control how a drawing looks from how thick the lines are to how big your arrowheads are and how they are represented on your drawing.    In this document I will run through the process on how to get there.

Before we start make sure that your Projects is set to Read-Write for your use Style Library.


When creating new Styles you first open up the template that you want to manipulate and you start to change it.  Go into your Manage Tab and click on Styles Editor.


This brings up the Styles and Standard Editor Dialog box.


Let’s go change a few things.

I am going to create a new dimension style and make the arrows really big.


Select the Text tab and click on Edit Text Style button.


This opens the Text Style that the dimension style is using.  You will then change the text height.


Click on the back button at the top of the Stles Editor dialog box and it will ask you if you would like to save your changes.  Select yes and it takes you back to the dimension style.

Select save and close to save your style.


The next step is to save the changes to your Style.


Click on the save button.  The Save Styles to Style Library pops up.  Make sure that you say Yes to Save to Library.


It gives the following message.  Click on yes.


Save your template.idw.  Open up a new drawing and try to dimension a part.  You will notice that the dimensions are now very large.