Inventor to 3D PDF Export


One of the MAJOR enhancements to Inventor 2017 is (wait for it) 3d PDF’s!  Oh sweet milk of the poppy.  How long have we been waiting for this.  Forever and finally we have it.

So how does the darn thing work.

When you have either your part or assembly file open go to following and click on 3D PDF.


As you can see the 3D PDF is  powered by Anark Core.


So let’s take a look at what we have.  It looks like a very nice clean interface with not a lot of convoluted buttons to confuse you.

  1. This is what properties you want to export and it also has an option to export your custom properties.
  2. This is for which design view representations you want to export.
  3. You have Low, Medium and High quality outputs.
  4. This will only export what is viable for the design view representations that you select and for all other design view components it will not export….or you can just export everything.
  5. The PDF template that you will use. You can create your own PDF’s using Adobe acrobat. You will also specify where you want to save the PDF and what the name will be.
  6. For attachments you can attach any other files that you want as well as generate and attach a STEP file for the recipient of the PDF file.

Once all that is done you can publish your PDF.


And there we have our 3D PDF.