More Inventor 2017 R2 and R3 Enhancements


When Inventor introduced the enhancement that you could select an edge and all it’s tangents this was very exciting news but when trying to do anything with them it seemed that that was it.  You could just select edges or faces and tangencies.  What use could that be?  I am glad to announce that they have added functionality that is useful to this now.  In the sketch environment you can select an edge and it’s tangency when using the project geometry command.  In the part environment, you can delete tangent faces and also make use of the chamfer and fillet command.

3D PDF creation has also bolstered itself by being created more quickly. Remember time is money.

As an additional workflow enhancement you can now cross/window select multiple profiles when using the Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, Coil, Chamfer, and Fillet commands.

For all you engravers out there Inventor has added a particular function just for you.  Convert sketch text to sketch geometry.  To convert the text it is as easy as right clicking on the text and selecting the Convert to Geometry button on the right click menu.  The result that you get is not associated with the text anymore so if you do change the text and want to convert it to sketch geometry, you will have to do it again.   The sketch geometry is also very simple. Eg lines, arcs and circles.

In my previous blog I mentioned that there very good guided tutorials for beginners to advanced but with R3 in Inventor 2017 you can create your own tutorials and you can share them either publicly (everyone in the world) or privately (within your own company)