Moving Autodesk Deployment to new Network location


You have created your deployment but I.T. has decided that you cannot store your deployment on their server and you do not want to create the deployment from scratch.  What can you do?

To change the network location of the deployment is not too difficult.  Firstly copy/move the files to the new deployment folder.

If you try and run the deployment now you will get a message that the installation is initialising and not much else as not all the paths are updated when just copying and pasting the deployment files and folders.

So what do we change and where can we find these changes.

In the deployment folder, you will see the following folders and deployment folder.

In my example deployment, I have created the shared folder for the deployment in the following location : \\MGFX-1\acad 2020.

The computer name that I created the new folder in is called MGFX-2.

Right-click on the deployment icon and select properties to see the following.

Change the Target and Start In fields to reflect the change from the old server name to the new server name.

The second change that needs to be made is in the Tools folder.  Right-click on the “Create and modify a deployment” icon and select properties.  Change the following to reflect the new deployment folder details.

In the IMG folder open the <Deployment Name>.ini file.  Locate the following values and change the path location to the updated location.


Save the file.

In the same folder, open the IMGX64.ini file and update the following in a text editor and update the paths to the new location.


Save the file.

You are now good to go and the deployment should run smoothly.