Nastran In CAD – Idealization dialog box

The Idealization dialog box has different options depending on which type of idealization you are assigning to your object.

In the above image you can see the options that are available for the Solid idealization.

Name – Assign a name that you will be able to quickly identify what you are analysing

ID – a unique identifier for each Idealization

Type – You are able to change to either shell or line

Material – assign material to the idealization from the Autodesk or Inventor Library

Coordinate System – Choose the coordinate system for the Idealization

In the above image the Shell Element has been selected.  In addition to the information that is available in the Solid Element you have the following.

Associated Geometry – You are able to choose individual surfaces for your simulation.

Quadrilaterals/Triangles – this is the 2D shape that will be used to create the surface/shell element

Standard (t) – As this is essentially a surface, you will need to assign a thickness to the element

Laminate – If you are creating a composite material you have the option here to add the different layers

In the above image we have the options for the Line Element Idealization.  Here you will see even more changes from the previous two elements.  If you have used the frame generator Nastran automatically will pick this up and create line elements from the parts.

Line element type – Specify if the object is a bar, beam or pipe (open or closed)

Structural Member/Selected entities – Specify which object you are going to assign a line element for analysis

The input type will assist you in assigning properties and shapes to the line elements you are working with.

When you have the property input option set you can assign area properties, Area factors for shear and stress recovery coefficients.

When cross section is selected you are able to set what the line element represents.


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