Nastran In CAD – Visualize the Results


Once you have Idealized your model (solid,shell or line) you should apply your materials to those idealizations.  To run an analysis you need a combination of loads and constraints to simulate real world attributes of the analysis.

An additional function that can be performed with Nastran In CAD is creating virtual connectors (not modelling up physically)  This helps with simplifying the model as to get accurate results without having too much calculation time.

Connectors (not available in Inventor simulation) that can be created are –

  • Rod
  • Cable
  • Spring
  • Rigid body
  • Bolt

Once your loads, constraints and connectors (if needs be) have been created we are ready to run the simulation.  Select Run in the Solve panel.  In the model tree you will see the log file running of exactly what is happening in the model.  Once this is finished Nastran places the results in you Results folder in the model tree.

To visually display the results on the model, right-click on the result you would like to analyse and click on display.

Selecting the drop down arrows next to each of these headers will change the view as well as the results that are being calculated.

There are 4 standard results that are generated when running the initial analysis.

  • von Mises
  • Displacement
  • Safety Factor
  • Deformed

Custom results are also available.  Maybe you do not want to see the lowest to highest values for your von Mises.  Maybe values within a certain band is what interests you.  Maybe only a section of the model interests you.

These can be created by right clicking on Results and selecting new.  A plot dialog box will pop up and you will be able to customize and save the custom results of the model that you are analysing.