Navisworks – Clash Detection


No one ever works alone.  You think you might be able to get through in the Engineering and Architectural world but there will come a point when one needs to collaborate to make sure that the end product works without any faults.  One of those faults would be does your design fit snugly inside or outside of the collaborators design or maybe does it reside too close to the other design where functionality is impeded.

Clash detection is crucial for your final design.  If the manufacture of parts and the assembly of your design has begun then, any clashes picked up at this stage will result in additional costs.which will result in a re-design which will push the design deliverable back.  All of these effect your bottom line and also the clients willingness to venture on further work as they will be losing money as well.

So what can we do about these unfortunate events?  Enter Autodesk Navisworks Manage.

Navisworks Manage is a software package that firstly specialises in bringing designs from a multitude of different software vendors into one platform and secondly is able to conduct not just hard but soft clashes as well.

The hard clashes are the most well known.  These clashes occur when materials and parts gnash against each other and cause assemblies to fail or not fit into the desired space.  The soft clashes are when parts are not allowed to enter a certain space around other components.  A tolerance if you will.

These kinds of analyses from Navisworks Manage help you when making the right design decisions and getting the job done first time.