Network License Borrowed but not Borrowed


I had an issue this week with a network license that was stuck in limbo.  We were working and then Windows did what Windows does screen of death.

No problems we let the hard drive do its thing and then restarted.  Now we only have 1 license available so I decided to open the license on another machine while waiting for Windows to reboot.

Wait…what is this…why can I not grab the license on the second machine.  I tried on the original machine and it opened.  So the license is working, what gives.

I opened the License manager and saw that even thought the Autodesk software was closed on all the workstations it was showing it was in use by the machine that crashed with one little word that gave me a clue to what the issue was.  It had the word linger in the description and numbers which seem to be counting down.

This linger is the keyword in identifying that the license has been borrowed but in our case it had not been borrowed, it was stuck.  I tried to borrow the license from the original machine and then return it butthat did not help.  I then uninstalled and reinstalled the network license manager on the server but that did not help either.

Now one thing to remember, one of the solutions is to wait until the borrowed licenses times out and automatically returns to the server but the problem here is that we never borrowed it in the first place!

The solution in the end (thank you to Autodesk online support) was to delete the cascade.cas file which basically resets the licensing brain on the workstation in question.  I opened the software, closed it again and it was available for use by all the other workstations in the company.