Plant 3D BIM collaboration project – Part 1


With the rise of BIM and collaboration between CAD users from across the globe,

It makes running Plant 3D over multiple users a bit of a tricky situation.

We used to have to either work on a Single-user SQL Light Database and Frankenstein it over a network to work,

Or better yet, use a proper Multi-user SQL database, then try set up VPN’s, connections, etc…

Or if you the best would be an Autodesk Vault Setup,

this has a similar setup to the plain Multi-user setup, although it also has data control and all the benefits of Vault.

Now we have another option,

Autodesk BIM 360,

You don’t need anything more than the original project and a subscription to BIM 360

When we upload the project to the cloud,

it will take over the database so there is little need to worry about it or if you had a single-user/ multi-user

Firstly, open or create a project to upload,

Then you will need to start a drawing to access the Collaboration Tab,

Then select Share Project.

The Collaboration for Plant 3D menu should popup.

Select Get Started!

The system will want to close the current project drawing.

Select Yes.

You can now choose a folder to select to upload to,

To set up the folders on the BIM 360 please check the setting up the BIM 360 blogs.

Select Upload Project.



The Project manager will now reflect that it is now a BIM360 Project.

You can choose Close to start working or select Invite your team to launch your web browser and go to the BIM360 user management site.

Part 2 will address the BIM 360 Side.